Kingston Primary School

Year 3

We have been working on our skipping skills in PE this half term. We have been practicing skipping alone and then moving onto skipping in pairs. We have been challenging our self to try the skier, bell and straddle skipping too.

We became paleontologists and studied the images of fossils found around the room. We identified what they were and what they told us about the past.

Making rocks with sweets

We made the 3 types of rocks using sweets. We broke the sweets into small pieces (like sediment) and compacted them down to create sedimentary rock. We then held the sedimentary rock in our hand so the heat of it would make it change (morph) into metamorphic rock. Mrs Avison put some of the sweet rock into a cup of boiling water to turn it into a liquid (like magma) and then we left it to cool. When it cooled it started to solidify again and this created our igneous rock.