Kingston Primary School


To be an Ambassador of Kingston Primary School in year six is a role that the children can be proud of.  They will gain the respect of the whole school as everyone will know that they have worked hard to earn that title.  At secondary school if the children apply for a position of responsibility and they tell them that they were an Ambassador at primary school then they will know that they are a trustworthy and reliable person.


We want everyone at Kingston to have the opportunity to be an Ambassador and so there is no limit on the number of Ambassadors we can have.  There are so many duties to be carried out as an Ambassador and so if you are given the title then rest assured we will keep you busy!  Some of the  duties an Ambassador would be expected to carry out are:

  • Meeting and greeting important visitors to the school.
  • Having meetings with the leadership team to discuss ideas how to make Kingston even better.
  • Meeting with the governors to give them information and ideas about Kingston
  • Encouraging our house teams to succeed at academic and sporting events.

It isn’t however really easy to be an Ambassador and you have to prove yourself worthy of the title!


We have put together a list of things that the children have to achieve before being appointed as an ambassador.  It is their responsibility to keep this paperwork safe and it is their responsibility to make sure that they get everything signed off by an adult in the school.


  • Achieve mostly green stamps in your reading record throughout the year
  • Represent the school at least once in year five (this could be our open day/ any sporting event or offering to help out at the Christmas/ Summer fete)
  • Have a good attendance record
  • Have a good reputation for being well behaved at school (respectful, kind to others, listening to the teacher, honest etc)
  • Organise a charity event once throughout the year and raise some money (only needs to be a very small amount of money and you can do this in groups)
  • Smart uniform throughout the year
  • In the first few weeks back after the summer holidays in year six give a speech to all the staff and pupils explaining what you would contribute to our school as an ambassador.
  • Have a good homework record
  • Attend evening performances of music concerts.
  • Spend two consecutive breaktimes or lunchtimes in the infant playground leading a fun game with our younger pupils