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We Are Readers!



Reading Statement Of Intent

We understand how important it is for our pupils to leave Kingston as fluent readers who can understand texts that are put in front of them.  We also understand how important it is for our pupils to love books.  We have therefore put together a carefully crafted curriculum to ensure that the reading journey our pupils take with us is a successful one and prepares them for the next stage in their education.


Our passion for reading is shared by many inspirational people and we believe:

"Reading is important, if you know how to read then the whole world opens up to you." Barack Obama.

"The more that you read, the more thing you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr Seuss.

"If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books." Roald Dahl.


The Curriculum For Each Year Group Contains:


  • The basic knowledge and skills our children must acquire throughout the year
  • The active reading books  the teachers will use
  • The doorway to reading books that children will be encouraged to read
  • The expected Oxford Reading Tree stage for that year group
  • A list of non-negotiables for teaching reading


Year group Knowledge Organisers and curriculum intent and implementation:

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Whole School Implementation Of Our Reading Curriculum


  • We have a thorough programme of phonic teaching in place to ensure that our pupils know all of the essential phonic knowledge they will need to become fluent readers.
  • We have a Specialist Leader in Education with a specialism in phonics who oversees the teaching of phonics across the school.
  • We have created our own picture-sound correspondence scheme called ‘Pixead’ to embed the teaching of phonics across all key stages.
  • We have designed an intense phonic intervention plan for any junior pupils who haven’t consolidated their phonic knowledge in the infants.
  • From year two our children have regular active reading sessions in which the whole class reads the same book. This shared book will be at a challenging level and will be carefully selected to ensure progress across the year groups.
  • During a whole class reading session pupils will be encouraged to actively respond to the text using one of the following prompts:
  • t-s – text to self
  • t-t text to text
  • t-w text to world
  • t-f text to film
  • P prediction
  • ? question
  • S summary
  • Any thought
  • We encourage our pupils to take part in the local library summer reading challenge and invite a guest speaker to talk to our children about the challenge.
  • We have a well-stocked Oxford Reading Tree scheme from foundation stage to year six.
  • We have purchased Reading Buddy which is the on-line version of the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.
  • We have purchased Accelerated Reader for every child in KS2.
  • We have invested in a wide range of high quality texts carefully selected to encourage a love of reading. These books are stored within the classroom rather than the library so that they are always readily available to our pupils.  A local author assisted us in choosing books to engender a passion for reading in our pupils.
  • Our teachers have been trained on a well-researched method for teaching pupils reading comprehension.
  • Our junior teachers use VIPERS as a method for teaching reading comprehension:  
  • Vocabulary
  • Infer
  • Predict
  • Explain
  • Retrieve
  • Sequence or Summarise
  • We have put a home Rainbow Reading record system in place whereby:
    • Each child gets a new reading record book each half term.
    • Every Monday the reading record books is stamped with:
      • A green stamp if they have read at least five times a week
      • A blue stamp if they have read less than five times a week
      • A red stamp if they have not read at all.
    • At the end of the week, if a pupil has achieved a green stamp then their name goes into a Friday raffle and the winner in each key stage gets a free book.
    • At the end of each half term if a pupil has achieved all green stamps then they get a certificate.
    • At the end of each term if a pupil has achieved all green stamps then they visit the ‘toy shop’ and choose a free gift.
    • At then end of the academic year if a pupil has achieved all green stamps throughout the year then they get a free book and are invited to an ‘ice cream’ event.  The school hires an ice cream van for the  afternoon and we celebrate the great achievement of getting green stamps throughout the entire year.
  • All of our children in the infants read regularly to an adult.
  • We work hard at getting as many volunteers into the school as we can to hear children practise their reading.
  • We have a scheme called ‘Doorway to Reading’ which sets out six carefully selected books that we want all of our pupils to read in each year group. These books are chosen to expose our pupils to a rich diet of literature  that will broaden their vocabulary. We have purchased several copies of all of these books to ensure that our pupils have the chance to read them all by the time they leave Kingston.
  • We have the library 100 book challenge. The 100 fiction books have carefully been chosen to include a range of archaic texts, non linear sequences, narratively complex texts, symbolic texts and resistant texts. these books have been banded by year group and children are encouraged to take on the library reading challenge to enhance their vocabulary, reading skills, imagination and their love of learning through these high quality story books.
  • We have purchased 30 Lexia licences.
  • We have subscribed to a Junior weekly newspaper.
  • We have taken part in a Robus Trust ‘expanding vocabulary’ scheme.
  • We have set up a Reading Partnership scheme to partner up vulnerable readers with a reading partner.
  • Pupils are taught reading comprehension explicitly within lessons.
  • Pupils are given regular reading comprehension homework activities.
  • We assess our pupils constantly throughout the year using formative and summative assessments. We administer the York Reading test at the beginning of the academic year and in May. 


What Do We Do If Our Pupils Are Not On Track?


  • They will have a Lexia Licence
  • Their Oxford Reading Tree stage will be tracked on Reading Buddy
  • They will get personalised reading packs during the longer holidays to ensure they keep up with their reading
  • They will be assigned an adult reading partner
  • They will take part in a personalised phonic intervention scheme
  • They will take part in personalised comprehension interventions
  • We implement adopt a reader programme for struggling readers 


Kingston Primary School's Reading Doorway Challenge

The reading doorway challenge is an opportunity for children to ‘open the door’ to a different world through reading. A chance to drift into a world of imagination and get lost amongst the words of a great story.


Each year the children will be challenged to read six new and exciting books in any order they wish. Once a book has been completed, they will need to return it to school. They will then be awarded a sticker in their Reading Doorway Booklet as a record. They can then choose another book.


The books have been carefully chosen to challenge and developing reading for the specific age groups. They progressively get harder as the children move through the school.


There are six books to read each year and we challenge the children to read all 42 of them during their time at Kingston. Doing so will improve their understanding of a wide range of narratives, story structure, comprehension, writing and vocabulary.


The books chosen include some well-known ‘classics’ as well as others by more contemporary award winning authors. We have chosen books carefully in response to children’s feedback, online book recommendations and book reviews. We know the children will enjoy them.


Please note, the children are not expected to read all the books by themselves, the idea is to share and enjoy the experience of a great book together with adults.

Kingston Primary School Reading Doorway Challenge:

 The Reading Doorway Challenge.pdfDownload
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Our 100 Book Library Challenge

In addition to the Reading Doorway challenge for each year group and  the high focus of reading across all subjects within Kingston, we have created a 100 book library challenge for children to complete during their time at Kingston. We carried out research into the most captivating and challenging story books ranging from EYFS to year 6. We then created a year group list of these 100 books for children to read and complete during their time at Kingston. Each child has a 100 library challenge booklet and when they have read the book, they get it  signed off from one of our librarians. Our librarians will ask them to review the book before signing it off. Our intent and the reading book list can be found below. 

 100 Book Library Challenge.pdfDownload
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The impact of a Reading for pleasure approach to Reading means that our pupils can fluently read a range of texts, building stamina to be able to read for sustained periods. They develop curiosity through questioning and predicting what will come next. They will infer what the author is suggesting and they will be able to summarise and paraphrase texts they have read. Pupils will have good comprehension skills and have a wide understanding of prior knowledge of the topic due to a solid grasp of vocabulary. They are not frightened to challenge themselves. Our pupils are ready for the next stage of their reading journey. 


We Are A Reading School

 We completed a reading audit with Scholastic and then had a quality assurance meeting with them about reading in our school. A report was written which shows all the positive things going on in reading at Kingston and has identified some key areas to continue to develop. We were awarded a certificate stating that we are a reading school because we have been recognised for actively supporting the Reading Charter and we put reading for pleasure at the heart of school life. 


 Scholastic Reading School Award.pdfDownload
 Kingston Primary School RS complete 7th Oct 2019.pdfDownload
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Accelerated Reader 

All Junior children have their own login for Accelerated Reader and are encouraged to complete quizzes once they have read a book. the quizzes help to develop comprehension, vocabulary and enhance reading and recall skills.. The children are able to gain points and words and work towards achieving certificates. Teachers will also set challenges throughout the year. For example: who can read a million words?

Accelerated Reader Link

 In order to be able to log in, the link below must be followed as it is registered to Kingston.