Kingston Primary School

Kingston Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mr A. Cross Headteacher and SENCo/Inclusion Manager
Mrs J. Jones


Deputy Headteacher, English Lead, Religion and Worldviews Lead and Year 1 Teacher 

Mrs K. Newell


Leader of Learning and Maths Lead and MFL Lead


Class Teachers 

Mrs H. Ryan Year 6 and Music Lead
Mrs C. Surridge  Year 5 and History and Geography Lead
Mr Coventry  Year 4 and PE Lead
Miss Tanner Year 4 and Science Lead
Mrs K. Avison  Year 3 and Computing Lead
Mrs S. Lopez  Year 2 and History and Geography Lead
Mrs S. Smith Year 1 and Art and Design Technology Lead
Mrs T. Nunn  Foundation Stage and PSHE/RSE Lead
Mrs G. Samuels  Foundation Stage and Phonics Lead
Mrs P. Wright PPA Teacher
Mrs J. Humfrey PPA Teacher 


Sports Coach 

Miss B. Dyer  Sports Coach



Learning Support Assistants

Mrs R. Pike Year 6
Mrs A. Coward Year 5 and Year 6 
Mrs N. Rand Year 5
Mrs H. White Year 4
Mrs T. Weston

Year 3

Mrs J. Bunton Year 3
Mrs. S. Waller Year 2
Mrs P. Wright Year 2
Mrs J. Golder Year 2
Miss B. Dyer Year 2 and FS
Mrs Z. McAnulty  Year 1
Mrs N. Dingle  Year 1
Mrs N. Muller Year 1 and FS
Mrs J. Kleider FS
Mrs V. Ferguson  FS
Mrs J. Ebbs FS
Mrs K. Roberts FS



Administration Staff

Mrs K. Alden Office Manager 
Mrs C. Willoughby Business Manager 
Mrs. C. Lawrence Finance Assistant
Mr R. Dunn Office Assistant 
Mrs. N. Rand SENCo Administrator 


Premises Staff

Mr R. Dunn Site Manager
Mr W. Lake Site Assistant 
Mrs J. Cox Cleaner
Mrs J. Capon Cleaner


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J. Latford  Catering Manager
Mrs R. Gjolena Catering Assistant / Manager
Mrs A. Turner  Catering Assistant
Mrs C. Dill Catering Assistant 


 Midday Staff

Mrs J. Bunton Hall Midday
Mrs K. Roberts Hall Midday
Mrs J. Barber Playground Midday
Mrs C. Dill Playground Midday