Kingston Primary School

Our School Day


EYFS, Years 1 & 2

Start Time

8:40 a.m.

1 hour for lunch

Finish Time

3.10 p.m.


Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Start Time

8:45 a.m.

1 hour for lunch

Finish Time

3:15 p.m.

Total time in school: 6 hours and 30 minutes per day (32.5 hours a week)

At the beginning of the day

The gates will be open at the start of the school day and children can make their way straight into class for Early Morning Work. The gates will be closed at 8.55am. 


At the end of the day

The gates will be open from 3.05pm and staff will see the children out at the end of the day. The gates will be locked at 3.25pm in order to safeguard our children who are attending clubs. 


General Information

If your child arrives after 8:55am, please enter school using the main reception entrance. 


Parents are not allowed to use the staff car park when dropping children off in the mornings or picking up in the afternoons. This is a pedestrian area for children coming into school and is strictly for staff use only. 


We are a dog friendly school and are happy for dogs to be carried across the playground if they are small but for hygiene reasons we cannot allow dogs to walk on the school site even if they are on a lead.


For safety reasons bikes, skateboards, scooters, footballs, toy weapons are not allowed in the playground. However children may cycle or use a scooter to travel to and from school and these can be stored on the school site. Please ensure children dismount when they enter the school site and walk their bicycle or scooter to the storage area.


Kingston Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club runs Monday - Friday, 7:30 to the start of the school day. We serve a variety of cereals, toast and juice. The cost is currently £5.50 per child per session. Payment must be made in advance using the ParentPay system. 


Kingston Kids' Club

Our aim is to provide high quality after school care for pupils who attend Kingston Primary School where families wish to collect their child later than the end of the school day. The club aims to create an informal, ‘family’ environment where children of different ages interact, play and relax together.


Children can attend the club daily, on regular days each week or on an adhoc basis. Bookings will be made and paid for via Parent Pay. Payments must be made in advance of any session. You will need to read and sign our after school club terms and conditions before the first session. This can either be found on our website or collected from the school office.


We will have two members of staff running the club each day. These staff members are already part of the Kingston staff community and know the children well.


Session times

The club operates three sessions:

Session A (Monday – Friday) will begin at 3.10pm and end at 4.30pm.     Cost £5 including snack

Session B (Monday – Friday) will begin at 3.10pm and end at 5.30pm.      Cost £9 including snack

Session C (Monday – Friday) will begin at 4.10pm and end at 5.30pm.     Cost £5 including snack

We are also offering a sibling discount of 10% which is applied to one sibling.

  • The club will operate for the full academic year excluding any INSET days or bank holidays.
  • In line with government guidance on running after school clubs, any late collections will be charged at the full rate for every quarter of an hour that you are late.
  • The activities will be well planned and structured to ensure children have the most fun possible.



Dinnertime will happen at about 4pm. Dinner will include on different days: sandwiches or wraps with a choice of fillings, beans on toast, pizza with a cake or yoghurt, crisps and juice. The children will be involved in getting dinner ready, choosing what to eat and helping to clear away. Parents / carers are asked to inform the office of dietary requirements and allergies on and these will be closely adhered to. SEE MENU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.



Please see our curriculum tab for all of the wonderful things that your child/children will experience during their time at Kingston.



It is vital that we work as a partnership to ensure that we make your child/children's education a success. We have very approachable staff and your child's teacher will always be available for a quick word after school but may suggest an appointment for a longer discussion if necessary. All staff of the school are here to help, answer your questions and to ensure that your child is happy, confident and enjoying school life. 


School Uniform

Please see our school uniform tab for our policy. 


Road Safety 

Both staff and external visitors will teach the children about road safety and you are asked to reinforce this very important aspect with your child.


Can we draw your attention also to the dangers of parking outside the school? Church Road is extremely busy and therefore a potential danger. If you need to bring your child to school by car, we have an arrangement with St. Peters Church whereby parents can use the church car park that adjoins the school premises and from where the school can be accessed without crossing the road. Under no circumstances should parents try to use the school car park as this is a pedestrian area for children coming into the school and is strictly for staff only.


There is a school crossing patrol outside the Post Office in Church Road for children coming to school and returning home.


Doctor, Dentist, and other Appointments

Please inform the school office of any appointments children have to attend during school day. Please go to the school office to collect your child/children and to return them. 


School Lunch

School lunches are designed to give children a balanced and healthy diet.

From September 2014 all pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage and Years 1 and 2 have been entitled to receive a free school lunch through the introduction of the Government's Universal Free School Meals Policy.

For children in the Junior classes, the cost of a school lunch is advised to parents at the beginning of each school year. Payment is required in advance of having the meal. Payments should be made via the ParentPay systems.

Copies of our latest school menu are available on our website or from the school office.

Children may bring a packed lunch (no sweets, fizzy drinks or chocolate as we promote healthy eating at all times). 


Healthy Snacks

Only healthy snacks may be brought in on a daily basis. Pupils in Foundation Stage are provided daily with a healthy snack for which parents are asked to make a financial contribution. Free milk is also available for the under 5's. As part of a Government scheme, children in Foundation Stage and KS1 are provided with an afternoon snack. 


Parent Helpers

We warmly welcome parents, grandparents, carers, etc. to come into school either to help with the day-to-day activities of the school or help with fundraising (through the PTA). All helpers must have a DBS check carried out by the school prior to being allowed to volunteer.


Parental Consultations

We hold two parent/teacher interviews each academic year where you are invited to a 10-minute meeting with your child's class teacher. There is also opportunity during the school year for parents to look at their children's work and to discuss social and/or academic progress with the class teacher. Please take advantage of these consultations. 


Governing Body

Our governors work very hard on your behalf. Please see the governor tab for more information.



If your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea in the night or before school, keep them at home for 48 hours. Please telephone the school early on the first morning of the illness in order to allay any concerns about the child's absence. Please also follow this up with a note confirming the illness when the child returns to school. Parents are required to provide the school with medical evidence after the third day of a child's absence due to sickness. Only the school (and not parents/carers can authorise absence. Where the reason for a child's absence cannot be established at the time the register is taken, that absence will be recorded as unauthorised and included in the school's report to the Local Education Authority.


All applications for leave of absence must be made in advance, in writing, to the Headteacher - forms can be collected at the office. These requests are then given consideration and will be only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. 



Where possible, medication should be administered at home. However, if medication is required during the school day, then a parent/carer will be required to complete the School Medication Parent Authorisation form and hand it in at the school office at the same time as the medication. Children requiring Asthma inhalers will, where appropriate, be encouraged to self-administer. Inhalers will be kept in the school office.



If you have any problems, please see the class teacher in the first instance and preferably at the end of the school day. Alternatively, ask at the school office for an appointment to see them. If your concern or problem is not dealt with by the class teacher effectively then please contact the office to make an appointment with the Deputy or headteacher. We will help in any way we can. 

Please always inform us of any changes at home that may affect your child.

Please remember that the school is here to help you so that we can form a successful partnership for the benefit of your child. 

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