Kingston Primary School

Mrs Smith's father-in-law brought in his 86 year old car 'Mavis' to show Year One. All the children sat in Mavis for a photo and asked lots of questions. They were fascinated the car had small window wipers, sofa seats, no boot and thin wheels. The car had a handle to wind to start the car and the children thought the horn was very funny. 

Year One were given a homework project to make their own form of transport from a shoe box. At school we made a vehicle chassis using the lid of the shoe box, a dowelling rod and wooden wheels. We measured the rod and used a saw to cut it to size. Then we measured and made holes in the lid for the rod to be pushed through. We stuck the vehicle onto the lid and tested how well it moved down a ramp. We talked about how we could improve our vehicles.

Year One enjoyed World Book Day and we all dressed up as our favourite characters.

Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

We have some time every day for independent learning. We love choosing whether to play inside or outside.