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Every single child in Year 6 showed true determination, resilience and a mature attitude whilst taking their SATs tests at the beginning of May. They have shown that even with two lockdowns they have gained and retained a great amount of knowledge. They had the privilege of using the SATs Cafe all week - enjoying a lovely breakfast each morning. Then on Friday it was time to celebrate!! Throughout the year, all year 6 pupils have had the opportunity to earn raffle tickets - this then culminated in a huge raffle on the Friday. I have NEVER known a raffle to take over an hour to complete! So many raffle tickets and so many prizes - thank you Mrs Newell!

The sun shone and they all had a great day just having FUN!! 


Graffiti - Art or Vandalism?

Debate Day 28th February 2022

Our final writing genre for our graffiti topic was a discussion text.

Year 6 had to use all of the knowledge that they had gathered throughout the topic to put forward both sides of the argument for our BIG question - Graffiti - Art or Vandalism? They worked in pairs and groups to identify possible arguments for and against - a lot of post it notes were used during this process!!! Year 6 then identified the most common points of view to help them write their discussion text. They had to ensure that they only gave their opinion right at the end. 

It was great to welcome our debating guests into Kingston on Monday 28th February 2022, where Year 6 had the opportunity to put forward both sides of the argument. Each and everyone of the Year 6 pupils were incredibly articulate in how they explained their point of view and our guests were really impressed. 

Well done Year 6 - a great end to our Graffiti topic!


Our chosen theme 'Graffiti' will inspire our writing this term and allow us to cover a range of genres including: non-chronological reports, biographies, instructions, explanation and discussion texts. I am sure they will have a lot to say when we debate whether graffiti is a form of art or vandalism later on in the term. This will open up many opportunities for a wide range of speaking and listening activities.


One of our first genres of writing this term has been instructional writing, where pupils were given the opportunity to create their own Keith Haring inspired vanilla biscuit. They worked in groups to: weigh out the ingredients, follow a simple recipe and flood ice in bold colours - just like Keith Haring's artwork. They explored the wide range of vocabulary that they used whilst actively making the biscuits including imperative verbs, time conjunctions, prepositional phrases and expanded noun phrases to name a few! They then used this varied and rich vocabulary in their final HOT instructional writing task.

We hope you like the finished product as much as we did!!


Keith Haring inspired art work

Year 6 investigated Keith Haring's graffiti art style and followed a step-by-step tutorial to create their own versions inspired by his popular artwork.

  I think you'll agree that they all look fantastic!!

Introducing the lovely Year 6

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