Kingston Primary School

Year 6 Deforestation Debate


Year 6 have been working hard to answer their Endangered theme big question -

DEFORESTATION - Should it be illegal? 

Pupils first worked in pairs to identify whether arguments were 'for' or 'against' deforestation and organised them so they were clear to see. They then took each point and expanded it with clear evidence and  an explanation to back up the point. Next, they were placed into groups of 3 where they were assigned one side of the argument to focus on. For some, this argument went against their own personal opinion. As a group they identified who would put each point forward in the debate.

On the 8th of December 2020, Year 6 presented their side of the argument to Mrs Newell and Mr Cross. They were given points for each valid argument made and extra points for clear and concise vocabulary and enthusiasm. 

Introducing the lovely Year 6


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