Kingston Primary School


We Are Musicians!


We are passionate about Music at Kingston and enjoy several celebrations throughout the year to showcase the amazing musical talents of our pupils.


Mrs Becky Pike is our music instructor and she helps to guide our staff to ensure that our pupils receive the best music experiences possible.


We are proud that we can offer:

 *  A rich music curriculum through Kapow Music

 * Drumming Lessons

 * Piano Lessons

 * Choir club

 * The opportunity to attend exciting events such as the Year Two music festival and the 02 arena to take part in the Young Voices concert.


Our Music Curriculum

 2022 Music intent, implementation, impact.pdfDownload
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Knowledge Organisers

 Yr 1 Music-KO-Classical-Music-Animals.pdfDownload
 Yr 1 Music-KO-Musical-Vocabulary-Under-The-Sea.pdfDownload
 Yr 1 Music-KO-Pitch-And-Tempo.pdfDownload
 Yr 1 Music-KO-Pulse-And-Rhythm.pdfDownload
 Yr 1 Music-KO-Timbre-And-Rhythm-Fairytales.pdfDownload
 Yr 1 Music-KO-Vocal-And-Body-Sounds.pdfDownload
 Yr 2 Music-KO-Dynamics-Timbre-And-Tempo.pdfDownload
 Yr 2 Music-KO-Musical-Me.pdfDownload
 Yr 2 Music-KO-Myths-And-Legends.pdfDownload
 Yr 2 Music-KO-On-This-Island.pdfDownload
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Progression Document

 Music Progression EYFS- Year 6.pdfDownload
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