Kingston Primary School

Year 4

THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - Year 4 created our own digestive system to see how food travels through the body. Disgusting yet fascinating!!!

TEETH... To test the severity of different drinks on our teeth we carried out an experiment - making sure that it was a fair test. We didn't have any spare teeth lying around so used boiled eggs instead as their shell is similar to the enamel of teeth. We carefully placed them into different liquids, made our predictions and waited for the results... Watch this space.

As promised... the results of our experiment. The class were very surprised to find that the juices (orange then apple) were the most harmful to our teeth followed by Coca-cola. We discussed our findings and agreed that although harmful to teeth, fruit juice is an important part of a healthy diet. Coca-cola on the other hand although tasty, doesn't pose any health benefits and is still harmful for teeth.

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