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We Are Writers!

How we get our children to be confident, effective writers, who understand writing for a purpose across a range of genres.


Writing Statement Of Intent

At Kingston we understand how important it is for children to leave Primary school as effective writers, who can write for a range of purposes. We also understand how important it is for our pupils to have a love of writing. We have therefore created a carefully thought out curriculum to ensure the writing journey our pupils take with us is a successful one and prepares them for the next stage of their education.


We believe:

The Curriculum for each year group contains:

  • The basic knowledge and skills our children must acquire throughout the year
  • The writing requirements for the year
  • Banding sheets of writing expectations which are to be used during all writing sessions
  • A list of non-negotiables for teaching writing

Implementation Of Our Reading Curriculum

Whole school

  • Literacy lesson every day
  • One piece of in depth writing a week which is also marked in depth
  • Handwriting practice every week using letter join


Year Group Writing Bands

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To ensure our children leave Kingston as confident writers, we have created a progressive curriculum, which include clear objectives for each year group and how teachers will achieve these.

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The impact of our writing curriculum means that children can write well-structured pieces of texts across a range of genres. They enjoy writing and can plan well-structured pieces. Pupils will write grammatically sound pieces of writing and have the ability to edit and improve their work. They will understand features of different genres and develop specific and technical vocabulary for both fiction and non-fiction texts. Children will use their experiences of reading and apply this knowledge in their won writing. Our pupils are ready for the next stage of their writing journey.