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CORONA by Kate Lopez


We had a lovely time at school

until the virus came

And now we have to stay at home

It’s really not the same


We’re staying home to help ourselves

To help those young and old

We’re hoping this can help save lives

By doing as we’re told


Corona is a scary word

It’s not fully understood

And so we heed the Vital news

And do all that we should


We have to wash our hands a lot

and sing the birthday song

And hope the virus disappears

It’s been here far too long


We want to go outside again

We want to go to school

We want to live our happy life

And do dancing with Mrs Newell


We want to thank the NHS

For everything they do

we've made our lovely rainbows

With love from us to you


And so on Thursday nights we clap

At 8 o’clock at night

Support flows to the NHS

We cheer with all our might


With teddies on a window ledge

For everyone to see

We hope they bring a smile to all

It’s helping you and me


The NHS all work so hard

And put themselves in danger

So thank you goes to all of them

From friends and even strangers.......

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