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Year 6 resources

These resources have been created to support home learning for any children/families who have to isolate/quarantine due to COVID-19. These resources are designed to continue the learning process while your child is away from school. In addition to all the uploaded resources, remember your child can access the following online platforms:


Sumdog – maths

TTRockstars – times tables

Spelling Shed - spellings

Oak Academy Trust – lots of great online resources for all age groups – lots of great online resources for all age groups

BBC Bitesize Lessons - Click here

Year 6 Reading Resources

 PiXL Primary English - Writing - Forms of Cohesion - GraspIt.pdfDownload
 PiXL Primary English - Writing - Forms of Cohesion - KnowIt.pdfDownload
 KS2 Reading Question Stems 2018.docxDownload
 Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions - Circulation.docxDownload
 Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions - Darwin.docxDownload
 Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions - Evacuation.docxDownload
 R1f Can compare contrast and evaluate different texts.pptDownload
 R2b. Can find and copy one word group of words Test 3.docxDownload
 R2c. Can find words in a text Test 3.docxDownload
 R2d. Can explain what words suggest Test 3.docxDownload
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Year 6 Maths Resources

 M3e Test 1.docxDownload
 Y6 M3b Can use tables and place value with multiples of 10..pptxDownload
 Y6 M3e Can use efficient written methods of multiplication including short and long multiplication.pptxDownload
 M4b Test 1.docxDownload
 Y6 M4b Can solve multi-step problems choosing appropriate operations (all four operations).pptxDownload
 M5j Test 1.docxDownload
 M5l Can recognise simple equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.docxDownload
 M5l Test 1.docxDownload
 Y6 M5j Can read and write decimal numbers as fractions.pptxDownload
 Y5-6 Problem types - logic puzzles therapy test 1.docxDownload
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White Rose Maths Resources

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Year 6 Writing Resources

 Short story 2 - Astronuts (1).docxDownload
 Short story 2 - Astronuts (2).docxDownload
 Short story 2 - Astronuts.docxDownload
 Short story 3 - In the company of a thief.docxDownload
 Short story 4 - Where the grass is greener.docxDownload
 Short story 5 - Wild cat.docxDownload
 Short story Powerpoint (4).pptxDownload
 Skeleton writing plan.docxDownload
 Editing resource Text 7.docxDownload
 Editing resource Text 8.docxDownload
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Year 6 Grammar Resources

 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 14 Answers.docxDownload
 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 15 Answers.docxDownload
 GPS Recall Cards - Grammar (8 per page).pdfDownload
 GPS Recall Cards - Punctuation (x8).pdfDownload
 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 13.docxDownload
 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 14.docxDownload
 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 15.docxDownload
 Y6 Progress Tests Quiz 1.docxDownload
 Y6 Progress Tests Quiz 2.docxDownload
 Y6 Progress Tests Quiz 3.docxDownload
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Year 6 Science Resources

 Year 6 Electricity Multiple Choice.docxDownload
 Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance Follow Me Cards.docxDownload
 Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance Multiple Choice.docxDownload
 Year 6 Living things Follow Me Cards.docxDownload
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