Kingston Primary School


EYFS School CLosure 

What wonderful things have you been up to?

Wow! Amazing work completed by a very hard working young lady. Keep up the fabulous work!

Stories really do come to life - especially in this house!  Hopefully there'll be enough cake at the party for the amazing caterpillars to have some too!

Local mathematician carries out investigation into the size and measurements of leaves and sticks in our gardens!

Meet James the Snail and his new friend - loving life and their see-saw ride!  Fantastic 'Hungry Caterpillar' work completed today - well done!  

Working hard at 'Letters and Sounds' - using fantastic phonic skills for spelling and very neat handwriting.  Well done - keep up the good work!

WOW!  A fabulous mathematician - back after half-term and raring to go! 

Look at this busy bee!  What wonderful lego cars, and we are VERY impressed with the beautiful handwriting!  Well done!

Working hard through the daily plans and having fun whilst doing so!  Well done!

What a busy boy! No wonder he needs to wake up at 6am - there's so much work to be done! Keep up the fantastic work!

Such a busy day with a variety activities being undertaken - glad to see there's a chance to relax in the afternoon!

Wow, this is a fantastic fact sheet all about Earth!  You have worked so hard, well done! :-)

Another Bingo winner!  Look at how carefully those digraphs have been written; well done for your continued hard work!  

Look at this brilliant writing all about our home planet.  What a lot of interesting facts AND what beautiful handwriting!  

Making the most of the sunny weather and outdoors by learning to ride and afterwards chilling in the pool!

A great use of salt-dough by making a timeless VE Day keepsake! We love how carefully the colourful decorating has been done!

Happy faces and making daft faces and a strange lady wearing a wig - we wonder who that is?

Another very busy day with a fabulous homemade clock and rockets, whilst still finding time to think about other people and donating to the 'Little Free Pantry' 

Working together and preparing for a VE Day family celebration in the garden!

Wow! A very impressive solar system made to scale and using the correct colours.  Watch out for the alien though - we wonder which planet he comes from?

So much work going on in the 'kitchen classroom'.  Keep up the hard work and stay smiling!

Brilliant underpants design created after watching Mrs Samuels read Aliens Love Underpants (see if you can spot all the different teachers!) and then having a go at reading all by herself!  What a clever Kingston pupil! :-)

Some brilliant doubling using concrete resoures and ladybird counting, and then some quiet time enjoying a Roald Dahl book.  Keep up the hard work, you are doing so well! :-)

Another busy family!  Wonderful doubling alien pants, some crazy alien models and a treasure hunt in the garden with a delicious prize at the end! What a wonderful time you are having :-)

Look at this amazing solar system.  Each planet has been carefully researched and then decorated using a variety of different materials.  We love it!

A fantastic salt-dough moon surface, a crazy and colourful alien and some brilliant letter and number formation.  What a star!

Look at this natural chef making playdough, carefully following Mrs Nunn's instructions.  Well done :-)

After listening to Aliens Love Underpants, this ingenious chap managed to fit 16 aliens inside these underpants!!!!!

A budding mathematician and alien artist!

Alien invasion -  and not just one species either! We wonder if there are any more out there?

That cake definitely looks good enough to eat! We hope the aliens won't be taking a sneaky bite when no one is looking though!  

Even the dog is learning about space!  We wonder if it was him that did the fabulous writing and space mobile or did he just plant the flowers!

An extremely busy young man carrying out a variety of different activities including a window solar system, baking, yoga and a science experiment.  Keep up the good work!

What a fantastic paper mache moon surface!  Well done for all your hard work (and well done Daddy too!) Your rocket is amazing, what a clever idea to use your climbing frame.

Lola the dog looks like she is loving her new bed!  We are very jealous of the amazing afternoon tea, and the mummy wrap game looks like fun.  Keep up that fantastic reading and writing!

Another lovely space rocket and some brilliant writing as well!  Keep up the hard work! 

We love this amazingly creative rocket, and it is always good to see our children enjoying stories!

Happy 5th Birthday!  A moon surface made of flour - although probably not very tasty!  A fantastic surface though for the astronauts who managed to land their rocket away from the rocky surface. We love your imagination! 

A fabulous and creative moon surface with a wish list of items to take including a sports car and a house and not forgetting teddy! We love this!

We love that you made your bed into a moon surface! Not forgetting to take your cat and a tube of Pringles to share with aliens! Or were they for you?

This chap has been busy building lego, creating an amazing space rocket (we know how you love a bit of junk modelling!) and baking with his big brother.  We can't wait to see how your caterpillars get on! 

Such a lot of lovely activities!  Your dancing looks so impressive and you have been busy with your writing, Art work and reading.  You have even been helping with the gardening; such a busy bee! 

Happy 5th Birthday!  We love your amazing space rocket, and that telescope is fantastic!  We can see lots of great number work, baking and Art work going on in this house!

Wow, he has been working so hard on his Phonics and number work. Well done! 

Using his initiative and making his own monster!  Is it from another planet?

Completing a variety of tasks including using his telescope to look up at the night sky!  What did he see?

Brothers carrying out lots of exciting activities, including creating their own dinosaur land and painting rainbows!

Using his first encyclopedia to find out about space and the solar system!

Sisters being very inventive and wishing all of the Kingston Family a 'Happy Easter'.  Stay safe, look after each other and keep well!

Enjoying carrying out a variety of tasks and activities, including working hard on her 'Solar System' picture - linking to our topic!  



Working hard on learning the digraphs and finding a David Walliams book about the moon.  Great link to our new Space topic! 

After listening to Mrs Samuels read Whatever Next, we used dressing up clothes to get ready for a space adventure!  We love your space boots! 

Fantastic story writing using her phonic knowledge and then making an amazing Solar System model using paper plates!

Being very busy and taking part in lots of exciting things over the past couple of weeks!