School Council

Our school council consists of twelve representatives, two per class, who meet to discuss ways the school might be further improved.  We have two meetings per half term on a Friday afternoon.  The representatives ask their classes for ideas on how the school could be improved.    We also have a Head Boy and Head Girl , and deputies, to represent the school at events and attend meetings of the Governing Body.

Our School Council Team:

Year 1 – Isaac Bissell and Lucia Allsop 

Year 2 – Max Costella and Nancy Kean

Year 3 – Evie Dyer and Aston Diggins

Year 4 – Jamie Newcomb and Freya Roberts

Year 5 – Elizabeth Pitts and Amelia Rayment

Year 6 – Head Team:  Hannah Morgan (Head Girl), Harley Stokes (Head Boy), Isabel Freed (Deputy Head Girl), Nathan Hughes (Deputy Head Boy)